kids are using too much toothpaste

Yesterday on February 1st, 2019 the CDC released a morbidity and mortality weekly report to let parents know that your kids might be using too much toothpaste, and it can be dangerous for their enamel and oral health. While fluoride toothpaste is important to prevent tooth decay, many children also get fluoride in the water they drink. Because of this, the CDC says that until the age of six, children shouldn’t use more than a pea size of toothpaste on their toothbrush. For kids younger than three years, less than the size of a grain of rice is plenty.

CDC Report states children using WAY more than a pea size of toothpaste

According to the CDC, teeth brushing is beneficial is recommended as soon as the first tooth breaks the gumline, which can be as early as six months and up to a year. The first dental visit should then be between eighteen months and two years of age which is a good age to begin using fluoride toothpaste. However, it’s important to prevent your child from using too much toothpaste as it can result in visibly damaged enamel, discoloration, and dental fluorosis.

The poll of more than 5000 parents of kids ages three to fifteen found that nearly half of children ages three to six were using a toothbrush half-full to completely full rather than the recommended pea-sized amount of toothpaste.

Ways to regulate your child’s toothpaste use

Treat toothpaste like any other medicine in the home and keep it secure. If your child is anything like the ones we’ve met, they can get overly excited about brushing their teeth. Keep toothpaste up in a medicine cabinet or other place that’s out of reach can prevent damage to their enamel or more serious side effects.

Questions About Brushing Your Little One’s Teeth

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