An End to Dental Anxiety

If you suffer from dental anxiety, you’re not alone. Dental Anxiety affects more than 75% of Americans and is one of the leading causes people don’t regularly visit the dentist. At Pickett Family Dental, we want to help you overcome the nervousness and fear that you relate to the dental office.

Our doctors and staff are well trained experts in their field, but they also care about how you feel during your visit and treatment. That’s why we’ve rearranged our office and lobby to create a calming atmosphere that invites and provides comfort to make it easier to enjoy your next visit.

Dr. Pickett and our Pickett Family Dental team will:

  • Prevent stress by reducing the waiting period before your appointment with our printable our online forms
  • Reduce your discomfort during dental necessary treatments
  • Ensure you feel the most comfort possible after treatment
  • Answer any of your dental questions in a friendly and understanding manner

We’ve designed our Keller, TX dentist office to be more than just a standard dental office. We spend the majority of our day here and it’s our home that we are happy to open to you and your family.

Call 817-431-5514 to speak directly to Dr. Pickett  at Pickett Family Dental with any questions about your first consultation.

Additional Options For Patients With Dental Anxiety

Our primary goal is to make sure that you and your family enjoy coming to visit us at Pickett Family Dental again and again after your first visit. Whether it’s an emergency or a simple dental cleaning and exam, we aim to provide uplifting comfort during the entire time you’re in our office.

At Pickett Family Dental, we offer nitrous oxide as a sedation option:

Nitrous oxide, also known as “laughing gas,” that you can comfortably inhale during your treatment, then return back to normal sensation without any drowsiness.

We’re available for extended appointments to listen and discuss your questions and needs during treatments.

We can show up in the early morning and are available after hours for appointments to work around your schedule and provide available times for your convenience and comfort.

Call us at 817-431-5514 to schedule your initial consultation with Dr. Pickett. You can also contact us through our quick and easy online form. In order to maintain the maximum level of overall health, your dental health must be a top priority as is receiving the best dental treatment available to you at our Keller, TX dentist office.