General Dentistry - Maintain Year Round Dental Health

Good dental care begins before you arrive at the dentist. In fact, to maintain your healthy gums, teeth, and mouth you should be brushing and flossing your teeth twice daily. However, regular visits to your Keller, TX dentist can provide key support to your dental health as well as early detection of oral health issues.

General Dentistry at Pickett Family Dental

General Dentistry includes all of the primary and basic dental services that we provide to people of all ages and that also fall under family dentistry. As a family dentist, Dr. Pickett will provide all of these services while also addressing your oral health at every visit. We’re not here just to render dental services, but to ensure that your teeth, gums, and oral health are maintained throughout your life.

Dr. Pickett and the team at Pickett Family Dental can provide complete dental services for you and your family that goes beyond routine dental cleanings and dental exams. Our comfortable dental office is the best place to receive quality dental care that includes:

Dental cleanings and exams to remove plaque and tartar on your teeth that you can’t remove yourself through normal brushing and flossing of your teeth and gums;

DIAGNOdent cavity detection, using a laser diode to spot tooth decay and cavities far sooner;

Dental sealants, that add a thin layer to teeth that protects them from tooth decay (especially the molars) which cover teeth to protect them from harmful bacteria that leads to tooth decay;

Athletic mouthguards, that are custom sized for each individual and provide the maximum protection during physical sports;

Dry mouth treatment, because dry mouth is a perfect opportunity for bacteria to grow that can easily be avoided;

Root canal therapy to remove decayed and infected teeth that are most likely causing terrible sensitivity to cold foods and persistent toothaches;

Dental Veneers using both porcelain and CEREC dental veneers as well as others to provide you an effective solution to tooth discoloration, gaps, fractured teeth, or a compromised bite;

Dental implants that can reliably replace missing and severely damaged teeth, and give you back the smile you deserve;

Dentures to improve your speech and help you eat the foods you love.

Dr. Pickett is Staying Current in General Dentistry

There are many advancements in the world of dentistry and Dr. Pickett wants you to know that he is staying current with all of the most successful techniques available. Whether you need dental implants, All-on-4®, root canals, fillings, crowns, or any other dental care, Pickett Family Dental is ready to schedule your consultation to ensure the best oral health for you and your family. Some of the newest and best options we now offer to our patients are:

  • CEREC technology, allows us to create same-day inlays, overlays, crowns, and bridges that fit comfortable and better match the appearance of your teeth, and even costs less.
  • Painless CO2 Laser, to treat infected gum tissue and bring your smile back to proper health

Dr. Pickett maintains a current membership with the Academy of General Dentistry. With their expertise in the most advanced They know how to properly treat you and your general dentistry needs with the latest and most advances techniques.

Call our Keller, TX dentist office at 817-431-5514 to meet our Pickett Family Dental team, who will offer the best dental care available to you and your family.

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Ensuring Your Comfort While We Provide Your New Smile

Nearly 3/4ths of Americans have experienced dental anxiety. If you’ve developed anxiety in dental offices in the past, you can feel safe and secure in knowing we offer anxiety-free sedation options that allow for a smooth, comfortable experience during any treatment at Pickett Family Dental. Our anxiety-free sedation options include both:

  • Nitrous oxide, also known as “laughing gas,” that you can comfortably inhale during your treatment, then return back to normal sensation without any drowsiness.

In addition to these comforting sedation options, we have redesigned our Keller, TX dental office to create a more soothing atmosphere in our lobby where you can feel relaxed.

Call our dentist office at 817-431-5514 or send us a quick message through our online form to schedule your appointment with Dr. Pickett. Pickett Family Dental can provide answers to all your dental health questions and looks forward to offering the best in general dentistry to you and your family!