• Dental Cleanings & Dental Exams

  • Pickett Family Dental offers dental cleanings and exams to keep your oral health at its' best with a bright, happy smile. At our Keller, TX dentist office near the Keller Town Center, our dental cleanings and exams will:

    • Allow us to detect any new or existing dental issues
    • Prevent new or progressive dental problems and infections from coming up in the future
    • Keep your clean, bright, and healthy
    • Provide us more information on how to better care for your teeth during future visits

    Give our dentist office a call at 817-431-5514 or visit our Keller, TX office and meet Dr. Pickett or Dr. Oser before you schedule your first appointment. Our doctors are some of the leading dentists in the country and stay up to date with the latest and most advanced technology including staying current with the American Dental Association. Pickett Family Dental is ready to provide you and your family the most comfortable and a simply enjoyable dental experience so that you maintain the healthiest smiles!

  • Gentle Dental Cleanings And Exams For The Whole Family

    Dental issues can arise seemingly without reason for people of all ages – even if you brush and floss twice daily – so it’s important to protect your oral health by making regular visits to the dentist for dental cleanings and exams. At Pickett Family Dental, we will:

    • Check for cavities and tooth decay using DIAGNOdent cavity detection
    • Check for gingivitis and any signs of periodontal disease in your gums
    • Perform a thorough oral cancer screening
    • Clean your teeth with our Prophy Jet air dental tools, while removing stains and bacteria for a whiter smile that's safe from gum inflammation and disease
    • Offer helpful dental cleaning advice so that you can continue to take care of your oral health at home

    If we detect that anything is wrong, we will provide the best treatment options available to you. Our dental family has your best interests at heart and wants to provide you the best service possible at the lowest cost to you. The best way we can prevent expensive dental treatments is with these regular visits.

    Call our office at 817-431-5514 to schedule your visit with our team at Pickett Family Dental. You can also send us a message or schedule your appointment using our online form. You can find us near the Keller Town Center on the north side of Keller Parkway.