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    Pickett Family Dental is here to provide superb dentistry for everyone at our Keller, TX dentist office. However, our care extends beyond the services we provide in chairs.

    To make it easier for you to receive the treatment you or your family require, we accept a variety of payments, including:

    • Cash - Cash Payments receive 5% Discount
    • Checks
    • Credit cards
    • Apple Pay
    • Samsung Pay
    • In Network Insurance Plans: MetLife, Delta Dental, and Aetna
    • All Dental Insurance Companies - Call to find out your benefits
    • We'll be accepting Cigna insurance starting Feb. 1st, 2019!

    No Insurance? No Problem! Join our Pickett Family Dental Membership Plan

    We also offer membership plans if you want to join them and avoid dealing with dental insurance. Our two plans provide you with excellent care for both your teeth and gums.

  • If you don’t have insurance, call to see if you qualify for the CareCredit program today!
    Remember, making the best decision for your teeth and your health will never cost less than it does today!

  • Call our new patient number 817-431-5514 or use our online form to contact us with any questions! 

    Or see if our Q & A has your answer:

  • Dental Insurance: What Does and Doesn’t My Plan Cover? FAQ’S:

    Q: Why doesn’t my insurance cover all all of my dental treatment costs?

    A: Dental insurance isn’t really insurance. The way dental insurance works generally, is that it acts as pre-paid benefit provided by an employer, to reduce the cost of routine dental treatment. That's why dental insurance is great for basic coverage such as x-rays, exams, cleanings and some cavity fillings and tooth removal. However, when it comes to dental surgeries and other dental services, most plans only cover part of the cost and rarely for the best treatment options. Dental Insurance companies do not have your best interests in mind.

    Q: If I always have to pay out-of-pocket, what good is my insurance?

    A: Even though your insurance doesn't cover the full cost of a dental visit or surgery, it does help reduce many of your out-of-pocket expenses. Our office has had years of experience dealing with every major dental insurance company and can assist you in getting the best rates for your plan.

    Q: If my insurance won’t pay for this treatment, why should I have it done?

    A: Don't make decisions about your health, especially your dental health solely on your insurance coverage. People who lose their teeth don't ever say it was a good condition to save money by neglecting their dental health. Your ability to speak, smile, chew, feel comfortable with your appearance, and overall health is very dependent upon the health of your teeth.

    Q: Why is there an annual maximum on what my plan will pay?

    A: Rather than a minimum deductible, dental insurance has a maximum limit to what a carrier has to cover each year because dental costs can be unpredictable and is common necessity. Along with that, dental coverage is becoming more limited over time, making it even more important to obtain it now while it's still worth the cost.

    Q: What should I do if my insurance doesn’t pay for treatment I think should be covered?

    A: As your dental professional(s), we will always recommend the best treatment options available to you, regardless of your coverage or dental plan. Our primary concern is your dental health. However, we will also explain your other options with the benefits and best estimate available to you prior to treatment. Sometimes a plan will pay better if a patient sends in the claim for themselves, or if the Employee Benefits Coordinator where the patients' work steps in. Remember: as a paying client you have more sway when dealing with your insurance company than we do as your dental service provider. We are always happy and willing to provide you copies of the information needed to deal directly with your carrier.

    Q: But my plan says that exams and other procedures are completely covered!

    A: That 100 percent is usually what the insurance carrier allows as payment toward a procedure, not what our dental office actually charges. However, the allowed payment or “UCR” typically represents a list of payment amounts negotiated between your employer and the insurance company. Based on this payment amount, your employer chooses a plan with a list of payments to reach their desired premium. This means your actual coverage may not be covered within your benefit plan.


    Reminder: We work with ALL major dental insurance plans! Here are some of the insurance companies that we work with on a regular basis. If yours isn't listed, call us to check into what benefits your insurance company provides!

    Insurance Providers:

    • Aetna
    • Altius
    • Assurant
    • BlueCross BlueShield
    • Careington
    • Cigna
    • Delta Dental
    • GEHA
    • Guardian
    • Humana
    • MBA
    • MetLife
    • United Concordia
    • UnitedHealthcare