The Complete Smile Makeover

Dr. Pickett and our dedicated team Pickett Family Dental are well-trained with years of experience in full-mouth reconstruction dentistry. We understand the many variety of techniques needed to repair and complete your brand new smile.

A full-mouth reconstruction can feel daunting and stressful, but you are in good hands with our expert dentists at our Keller, TX dentist office. We’ll make the entire process as painless as possible, so that you are able to tackle on the world with your all-new smile!

Our doctor, Dr. Pickett is a member of the American Dental Association, and will always offer the best full-mouth treatment plans that:

We have safe, trusted sedation options so that you don’t feel any anxiety, stress, or even pain during your full-mouth treatment.

Please give us a call at 817-431-5514 to ask about how our reconstruction services can replace your missing teeth at our local Keller, TX dental office right off of Keller Parkway near the Keller Town Center.

Complete Your Smile at Ease with the Most Advanced Treatments

There are a variety of full-mouth reconstruction options available to our patients, but we have three that we generally recommend depending on the number of missing and damaged teeth, current oral health, and of course your personal needs. Dr. Pickett will most likely recommend:

  • Dental implants, with advanced computer-guided surgery we can replace individual teeth or in some cases all the missing teeth in your mouth for improved speech, comfort, and overall appearance
  • Dentures, which while not as strong as dental implants, can be adjusted more easily for changes in the mouth over time
  • All-on-4® that completely replace and restore either the top or bottom set of teeth

Full-mouth reconstruction doesn’t only fill your mouth with functional teeth, but these benefits also extend to:

  • Normal, full-functional speech
  • Capability to eat foods naturally including more difficult foods i.e. steak (We are in Texas after all)
  • More comfortable and effective chewing that also assists the digestion process
  • Long-lasting oral health improvement with less opportunity for other oral issues
full mouth reconstruction keller

Thanks to our latest CEREC technology, we can now remove your teeth, create and replace them with new implants all in the same day! Because of this new technology, you can save time from avoiding multiple visits, money, and be smiling happily much quicker!

Call us at 817-431-5514 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Pickett for a consultation with Dr. Pickett to discuss our oral and dental needs. You can also contact us through our online form at your convenience. Our staff at Pickett Family Dental is here to help you have the smile you’ve desired become a reality.