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First Things First: Dental Hygiene

While we continuously put up important content on dentistry, technological advancements, and even tips for at home dental care some things tend to get missed. Here’s some key points not to miss!

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Keller Town Square Dental Service

Are you looking for a Keller Town Square Dental service on Keller Parkway and right inside the Keller Town Square area? As a family dentist easily located off of Keller Parkway in 76248 near Rufe Snow, Pickett Family Dental is able to happily serve you and your family for all your dental needs. Our dental team is made up of incredible hygienists, a world-class office administrator, front desk assistant, and dental assistants. Dr. Pickett loves working with this amazing team to provide the very best possible dental care with a comfortable, inviting experience from the first moment you walk in. The Keller Town Square Dentist On the North side of Keller Parkway from the Keller Town Square, Dr. Tyson [...]

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Gross Debridement Cleaning

Sometimes when we have a patient that comes in to our Keller, TX dental office, the patient may need an in depth dental cleaning prior to a typical prophylaxis cleaning. This service is called a debridement and may help new dental patients or those that haven't been to the dentist in years to understand what to expect when visiting the dentist after a long period of time. First off, don't be alarmed or worried that something painful or uncomfortable is required to clean up your teeth. Our dental hygienists are legitimately (our opinion) the best in Texas and trust me we've seen patients with teeth in more dire need of care than yours walk out happy and smiling. [...]

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Difference Between Plaque and Tartar

You're familiar with hearing from the dentist that dentists clean off plaque and tartar from your teeth and gums that builds up over time. But, what are they exactly? How are plaque and tartar different? And, of course, how can you prevent them from developing on your teeth and gums? What is Plaque?Dental plaque is a pale yellow biofilm that is soft and sticky that develops on your teeth when food, fluids, and saliva combine with bacteria on your teeth that produce acids and feed off of sugar in your diet. These acids attack your tooth enamel which is the outer layer of your teeth made of a mineral composition that protects the teeth.Plaque buildup can lead to tooth [...]

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Prophylaxis Teeth Cleaning

Dental prophylaxis is a cleaning procedure performed by a dental hygienist to thoroughly clean the teeth. Prophylaxis helps stop the progression of periodontal disease and gingivitis in order to reach a maintenance care level of daily oral hygiene. Preventing Gingivitis with Prophylaxis Gingivitis, periodontal disease, and pericoronitis occur when bacteria from plaque aren't cleaned from the teeth and gums completely on a regular basis and have the time to grow and harden. Gum disease becomes a problem because bacteria reach between the gums and the teeth and cause further damage including gum recession and gum loss. It also causes terribly bad breath. These bacterial colonies cause inflammation and irritation which can create a systemic chronic inflammatory response [...]

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Periodontal Maintenance Cleaning

Periodontal refers to the tissue surrounding and supporting the teeth: your gums. Periodontal Maintenance Cleaning refers to when the dentist or periodontist treats the gum disease by providing more regular dental cleanings. Dentists used to send patients specifically to a periodontist for gum disease, but Dr. Tyson Pickett and his team at Pickett Family Dental are well trained and experienced at resolving gum disease at any stage. If you believe you're suffering from periodontal disease, then schedule an appointment with the best dentist in Keller, TX to provide the proper level of care and maintenance to prevent further damage to your mouth, teeth, and gums. The 4 Stages of Gum Disease There are 4 stages of gum [...]

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Dentist near me in Keller, TX

Are you looking for a dentist near you in Keller, TX? Dr. Tyson Pickett would like to make the case that he and his amazing team at Pickett Family Dental are the best choice in town and even the entire North DFW area. Let's make our case on why you should choose the nearby Pickett Family Dental located right off of Keller Pkwy right between the CVS and Braum's Ice Cream & Burger Restaurant and across the street from Keller Town Center Shopping Mall. First off, Dr. Tyson Pickett and our family at Pickett Family Dental offer extensive dental services in a relaxing and personalized setting for you and your family at our convenient Keller, TX dentist [...]

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Pericoronitis is the inflammation, swelling and infection of the gum tissue surrounding the wisdom teeth, which are located as the third and final set of molars that usually appear in your late teens or early 20s. It is most commonly found around the lower wisdom teeth. What causes pericoronitis? The primary cause for pericoronitis is accumulation of bacteria in and surrounding the gum tissue. Usually, the tooth is only partially exposed (soft tissue impaction) and has excess gum tissue that overlaps the tooth. Bacteria and food debris get trapped in the space between the tooth and the overlapping gingiva. Does pericoronitis go away on its own? Unfortunately, pericoronitis won't go away on its own. [...]

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What are Periodontal Pockets

Periodontal Pockets a.k.a. Gum Pockets Periodontal pockets are spaces surrounding the teeth under the gum line. This is caused by bacteria buildup surrounding and separating the gum from the tooth, burying into the gum tissue causing infection, gum disease, and tartar build up over time. If gum disease builds up, it can cause heart damage and diabetes. If you're suffering from periodontal pockets, then you need to see the dentist right away to prevent gum recession. Gum recession occurs with the gum tissue recedes or is reduced down low and lower around the tooth until the entire tooth is visible. This is not looks unappealing, but is extremely dangerous to your oral health. What causes gum [...]

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4 Types of Dental Cleanings

Did you know that there are naturally-occurring bacteria that live in your mouth, helping you eat your food? Some bacteria are good and others definitely aren't. Depending on how you eat and manage your oral healthcare there could very well be excess bacteria that needs to be removed through regular brushing, flossing, and dental cleanings. To prevent bad bacteria from growing and causing dental issues like tooth decay, gum disease, and pericoronitis, we recommend that individuals visit our dental office in Keller, TX for regular dental cleanings and dental exams twice yearly. Dental exams allow Dr. Pickett to evaluate the health of your gums and teeth, while dental cleanings will remove any plaque and tartar buildup that can lead [...]

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How Does Pregnancy Affect Your Gums?

During pregnancy, a woman’s body is subject to numerous changes both physical and on a hormonal level. Appetites change, sometimes every day. Your body aches and it’s not uncommon to feel ill. Maintaining your own personal health is a full-time task to ensure not only a healthy pregnancy, but a healthy you. Oral health during a pregnancy is very important for both yourself and the baby. Gum disease is the leading oral infection, and it can be even more common in pregnant women. Studies have found that 60 to 75% of pregnant women have at least an early stage of gum disease, often called gingivitis. Untreated gum disease has been shown to increase the risks of other health issues [...]

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