How Does Brushing Help Your Teeth?

It is a common saying among dentists that the most crucial part of dental care occurs at home. The fact of the matter is that proper brushing and flossing habits, in addition to regular checkups at the dentist, prevent tooth decay and gingivitis/periodontitis (gum disease). We know it can be a hassle, especially when you're running late for work or you just want to go straight to bed and not have to worry about anything else. But the inconvenience of brushing and flossing your teeth each day is insignificant when compared to having to face a dentist's drill. The American Dentist Association (ADA) suggests that you brush two times a day. Your toothbrush should be soft-bristled [...]

For Parents: Kids Are Using Too Much Toothpaste

Yesterday on February 1st, 2019 the CDC released a morbidity and mortality weekly report to let parents know that your kids might be using too much toothpaste, and it can be dangerous for their enamel and oral health. While fluoride toothpaste is important to prevent tooth decay, many children also get fluoride in the water they drink. Because of this, the CDC says that until the age of six, children shouldn't use more than a pea size of toothpaste on their toothbrush. For kids younger than three years, less than the size of a grain of rice is plenty. CDC Report states children using WAY more than a pea size of toothpaste According to [...]

What Toothpastes Do Dentists Actually Recommend?

Dentists recommend using a toothpaste that at the very least has fluoride in it, as this is the main ingredient that prevents cavities. From there, dentists recommend picking toothpastes that have ingredients that fit the particular needs of your teeth. Maybe your teeth are very sensitive compared to other people, or perhaps you want to emphasize whitening your teeth. Whatever your goals and concerns are, you'll want to pick the right toothpaste for the right job. In this article, we'll go over the top toothpaste for each of these categories: Sensitive - If you experience discomfort when brushing, look into this toothpaste. Whitening - Pick this toothpaste if you have stained or yellow teeth and want a [...]

We Accept Lockheed Martin Dental Insurance

New Lockheed Martin Employee's There's been a large influx of Lockheed Martin employee's into the Keller / Fort Worth area with the new projects and growth happening there. We want to extend a warm welcome and help Lockheed Martin's employee's with dental insurance or not to the area by opening our dental office doors to you. If you need a dental cleaning, have sore gums, a chipped tooth, or even if you need dental implants we guarantee the absolute best care with the friendliest staff in Keller, TX! We look forward to welcoming you to the DFW area! Current Lockheed Martin Employee's Many of us get into habits of seeing the same dentist our [...]

What Does a Dental Hygienist Do?

What exactly does a dental hygienist do? Dental hygienists mainly focus on preventative dental healthcare, particularly in the removing of plaque and the preventing and treating of gum disease. Dental Hygienists like Joanie here at Pickett Family Dental are the professional teeth cleaning experts that you see at each regular tooth cleaning. Dental hygienists remove plaque and when necessary, tartar, then polish your teeth to help prevent plaque from building up again. However, their main goal is to help you understand the best way to keep your teeth clean during the next 6 months until your next dental appointment. Plaque is the sticky coating that builds up over time without the proper care, and since no one wants [...]

Should Teeth Feel Smooth?

Smooth teeth indicates that your dental hygiene techniques are successful in removing the plaque or tartar from your teeth. One way to check the smoothness of your teeth is by using the Tongue Test. This intuitive test uses your tongue to check your teeth at the gum line to see if the surfaces are smooth and slick for each tooth. The easiest place to start this test is your upper front teeth, as they are the most accessible for most people. Next you should try to test the more difficult regions, including the lower back teeth on the inside. Another test you can do at home is the Floss Check Test. In this test you [...]

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