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First Things First: Dental Hygiene

While we continuously put up important content on dentistry, technological advancements, and even tips for at home dental care some things tend to get missed. Here’s some key points not to miss!

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Tips for Little Teeth: A Guide to Children’s Dental Health

At Pickett Family Dental in Keller, TX, we believe that establishing good dental habits in children is essential for lifelong oral health. In this blog, we share helpful tips for taking care of your little one's teeth, ensuring they have a strong foundation for a healthy smile as they grow. Establishing a Dental Care Routine Starting a dental care routine early in your child's life is crucial for instilling good habits that will last a lifetime. Follow these steps to create an effective routine for your little one: Begin before teeth emerge: Even before your baby's first tooth appears, use a soft, damp washcloth to gently clean their gums after feedings to remove bacteria and prevent plaque [...]

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What Is Gum Disease?

Known more officially as periodontal disease (periodontitis), gum disease is an oral infection caused by bacteria. From commercials from dentists to toothpaste and toothbrush brands, you’ve probably heard an extremely common term: plaque. Plaque is the primary culprit when it comes to gum disease. Gum disease can be difficult to detect for people not going to their local dentist office for regular cleanings. This is mostly because, for the most part, gum disease is often referred to as a “silent disease”. It generally doesn’t cause much pain, if any, or discomfort. This makes it easy for people to neglect or put off because they’re lacking a physical reminder. Causes Of Gum DiseaseYour mouth is essentially [...]

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Pericoronitis is the inflammation, swelling and infection of the gum tissue surrounding the wisdom teeth, which are located as the third and final set of molars that usually appear in your late teens or early 20s. It is most commonly found around the lower wisdom teeth. What causes pericoronitis? The primary cause for pericoronitis is accumulation of bacteria in and surrounding the gum tissue. Usually, the tooth is only partially exposed (soft tissue impaction) and has excess gum tissue that overlaps the tooth. Bacteria and food debris get trapped in the space between the tooth and the overlapping gingiva. What Does Pericoronitis Look Like? If you have inflamed, red, or swollen gums surrounding your [...]

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How Gum Disease Affects The Heart

Gum Disease is a bacterial infection in, you guessed it, the gums. Without practicing proper dental care, it can affect anyone regardless of how healthy they are. You may think it’s just a simple infection of the tissues that support teeth, and that it’ll go away eventually. The reality is that gum disease won’t go away without any treatment or preventative measures, and will even get worse. Numerous studies have shown that untreated gum disease is linked to a variety of other health issues. Gum disease has been proved to increase the risks of many other health conditions, particularly cardiovascular issues. Considering that almost 50% of the American population has some stage of gum disease, and if you’re 65 [...]

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Filling Fell Out What Should I Do?

At Pickett Family Dental in Keller, TX we receive phone calls from worried patients when a tooth filling fell out. We always recommend that patients go directly to the dental office. Are you wondering what you should do if your tooth filling falls out? First thing to keep in mind is to relax and stay calm. Fillings can fall out and it's not uncommon, although it can be quite surprising. If it happens while eating and you feel something hard that shouldn't be there, just be sure not to accidentally swallow it whether it is a resin composite, gold filling, silver filling, or composite filling. Now that you're past the scary part, the next step is simple: Call the [...]

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4 Types of Dental Cleanings

Did you know that there are naturally-occurring bacteria that live in your mouth, helping you eat your food? Some bacteria are good and others definitely aren't. Depending on how you eat and manage your oral healthcare there could very well be excess bacteria that needs to be removed through regular brushing, flossing, and dental cleanings. To prevent bad bacteria from growing and causing dental issues like tooth decay, gum disease, and pericoronitis, we recommend that individuals visit our dental office in Keller, TX for regular dental cleanings and dental exams twice yearly. Dental exams allow Dr. Pickett to evaluate the health of your gums and teeth, while dental cleanings will remove any plaque and tartar buildup that can lead [...]

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How Can I Improve My Smile

Some of the best ways to improve your smile are through teeth whitening, dental crowns, veneers, implants, and regular tooth brushing/flossing, while keeping up with regular dental appointments. Having a straight white-toothed smile that you can show comfortably is priceless. If you want a smile that you enjoy seeing in the mirror and gives you confidence to smile on the camera then here's a list of things you can do to improve your smile at the dentist or at home. Whitening When it comes to getting a whiter and brighter smile, there are a variety of teeth-whitening products you can try. Your main options are in-office or at-home bleaching. Before starting any whitening treatment, [...]

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Dental Implants: Questions & Answers

Dental Implants are long-lasting, man-made replacements for the root of a tooth. If a patient has broken a tooth, or has a missing tooth due to an injury or tooth decay, a dental implant is typically the best replacement method for a single tooth or even several teeth. At Pickett Family Dental, we provide new patients with dental implants for a variety of reasons, but many patients come to us with questions about getting dental implants. We've put together the top questions we get about dental implants and the most accurate answers we can provide via text on our website. If you have questions about your broken or missing teeth and whether dental implants are the right answer for [...]

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Difference Between Plaque and Tartar

You're familiar with hearing from the dentist that dentists clean off plaque and tartar from your teeth and gums that builds up over time. But, what are they exactly? How are plaque and tartar different? And, of course, how can you prevent them from developing on your teeth and gums? What is Plaque? Dental plaque is a pale yellow biofilm that is soft and sticky that develops on your teeth when food, fluids, and saliva combine with bacteria on your teeth that produce acids and feed off of sugar in your diet. These acids attack your tooth enamel which is the outer layer of your teeth made of a mineral composition that protects the teeth. Plaque buildup [...]

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Top 10 Reasons to Visit Your Keller Family Dentist

At Pickett Family Dental, we have patients come in to see us for everything from teeth cleanings to complete full-mouth restorations. Whether you're a current patient or you just found our dental practice in Keller, TX we're here to provide that absolute best possible care with the relaxing and comfortable atmosphere where you can know you're in good hands. Dr. Pickett and his team at Pickett Family Dental are always working to improve and better their practice in both the dental care aspect and the personal experience that is provided to every patient that walks through the door. Because there are so many reasons to come in, we try to ensure that our patients have a better understanding of [...]

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