Wisdom Tooth Extraction in Keller, TX

It’s time to remove your wisdom teeth because they are already causing you pain, putting pressure on your other teeth, and we’ve done x-rays of your wisdom teeth showing that your wisdom teeth need to be removed. It’s now time for an oral surgeon to extract your wisdom teeth.

How does Pickett Family Dental know when you’re ready for wisdom teeth extraction?

Typically wisdom teeth extraction happens between the ages of 15 and 25 and is recommended if you have any of the following issues with them:

  • Wisdom teeth impacted
  • They come in at the wrong angle
  • Your mouth is too small to give them enough space to come in properly
  • You have wisdom tooth cavities or gum disease

Wisdom Teeth Removal (Extraction): What to Expect

Before your wisdom teeth extraction Dr. Pickett and the oral surgeon will discuss any underlying health problems you have, go over your current medications, and help answer any questions you have about you surgery. Next, we’ll discuss the anesthesia options that you have available to you and you can check out our sedation options as well.

While most people recover quickly, you may want to take the day off from school or work, and possibly a couple more depending on your needs. Be sure to plan out child care, pet care, or a ride home prior to your wisdom teeth extraction appointment.

So, what happens when you have your wisdom teeth removed?

Wisdom teeth removal is quick and you should be in and out within 45 minutes as soon as you’re sedation begins working. The dental surgeon will remove the teeth, stitch you up, and you’ll have some bleeding holes for a couple days.

Make sure to check out what to do if you have sensitive teeth after wisdom teeth extraction on one of our past articles.

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