Dentures which are also often called complete dentures, are custom made replacements for missing teeth that replace the natural teeth that have been lost to protect the jaw and support the cheeks and lips.

At Pickett Family Dental, we provide dentures to replace missing or damaged teeth that require extraction when this is the best option for your teeth. Generally, we recommend dental implants over dentures because of the durability, reliability, and the natural look and feel of implants. However, dentures can be a cheaper option that will:

  • Improve your ability to chew and enjoy eating the foods you love
  • Assist with clarity of speech and pronunciation
  • Protect your dental and digestive health
  • Help you feel more comfortable with your smile

We know that choosing to use dentures will make an impact on the way you live your life and maintain your oral health for years to come. Dr. Pickett is happy to help you in making the decision between dentures or another tooth replacement.

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We Provide a Variety of Denture Options

When you arrive for your appointment with Dr. Pickett will sit down with you, listen to your needs, and then discuss which options will best allow you to chew, speak, and feel your best. Next, we’ll examine your teeth, run some digital X-rays, then determine how to replace the damage or missing teeth, and recommend the best solution for your needs. The dentist will the recommend one of the following dentures options:

Partial Dentures

Partial dentures are a great option when you’re only missing a few teeth. These teeth are customized to replace your missing teeth by using a bridge to fill in the gaps.

Full Removable Dentures (Upper or Lower)

Full dentures, also known as traditional dentures are completely removable teeth replacements for all of your upper, lower, or both sets of teeth. These dentures can feel less comfortable than their implant counterparts, and will need to be removed daily for cleaning. You might also experience some difficulty in speaking due to the strange feel.

Implant-Supported and Implant-Retained Dentures

Dentures can be made to fit on top of endodontically treated teeth (teeth weakened by trauma or previous restorations) and then attached to dental implants that replace the entire root and are capped with replacement teeth. These are the most natural feeling and longest lasting permanent set of teeth available. The implants are place in the jaw and then denture can then be connected to them in two different ways:

  1. Implant-supported are connected directly to the implants rather than the gums. They are used when there are missing teeth, but sufficient bone in the jaw to hold them in place.
  2. Implant-retained affixed onto the balls on top of your implants, where they will stay permanently. These stay in the mouth and need to be specially cleaned daily.

Temporary Dentures

Permanent dentures can take a few weeks to be completed, but you don’t have to leave without a full set of temporary dentures. Temporary dentures will last long enough for your permanent set to come in, allowing you to smile wide, full of confidence in public.

Get Reliable Dentures at Pickett Family Dental in Keller

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