Is Oral Surgery Right For You?

Dr. Pickett will always recommend the best option for improving and caring for your overall oral health, even when the next step is oral surgery. Our trusted team at Pickett Family Dental cares for your dental health and when necessary, will provide oral surgery to:

  • Prevent further dental problems that could lead to more severe issues
  • Relieve pain and discomfort
  • Strengthen your gums, teeth, and overall dental health
  • Improve the appearance of your smile

For quality dental surgeons that you can trust to create a lasting solution with a comfortable experience, call Pickett Family Dental at 817-431-5514 to schedule your appointment at our Keller, TX dentist office!

Painless Oral Surgery

Mike Barber had 12 broken teeth that needed to be repaired. We quickly had him come in the same day with the option to have them all repaired that day or fix the most severe teeth that day and have him come back in a day or two to finish getting the rest repaired.

Mike really appreciated being able to have all the work done the same day so that he didn’t miss out on his work.

Thanks to the advancements in dental technology and bring those in-house to Pickett Family Dental, we were able to have one of his teeth extracted and create and place a bridge all in the same day. Mike is another great success story!

Reputable Oral Surgery with Safe, Stress-free Sedation

While oral surgery isn’t the most exciting parts of visiting the dentist, our comfortable chairs and personable staff are well-trained and experienced in providing the maximum level of comfort to you and your family from the moment you walk through the doors.

Pickett Family Dental ensures the most stress-free dental solution with safe sedation options. We offer both nitrous oxide and oral conscious sedation for the following oral surgery treatments at our Keller, TX dental office:

  • Tooth Removal/Extractions – When your teeth are too damaged to be repaired or filled, one of our doctors will safely remove them to protect your surrounding teeth and your smile. This is a painless procedure with our relaxing sedation options. After completing the extraction, we will discuss the best options to replace the missing tooth using either bridges, dentures, or dental implants.
  • Wisdom Teeth Removal – Dr. Pickett works with another incredible dentist who provides expert wisdom teeth removal, which can cause future complications, pain, and damage to the rest of your teeth if left in place.
  • Bone Grafts – Bone grafts can create a more solid foundation for dental implants and are made up of bone that has been removed from another part of the body in order to strength the jawbone. They take time to create their firm hold, but last for years upon years.
Oral Surgery in Keller TX
  • A-PRF (Advanced Platelet Rich Fibrin) – This treatment uses platelets in a concentrated liquid state to quick speed up your healing process after a procedure, especially with bone grafts. The way it works it that we take a small sample of your blood, place it in a centrifuge to separate the red cells, plasma concentrate, and platelets. The platelet rich fibrin is put through a process and then mixed with the plasma, where it is combined to make rapidly regenerating growth factors. The PRF then covers the membrane and quickly strengthens the tissue around the implant or bone graft.

Call Pickett Family Dental at 817-431-5514 to schedule your initial consultation with American Dental Association member, Dr. Pickett today at our local Keller, TX dentist office. You can also contact us through our easy-to-use online form to schedule an appointment or ask us a a question about our oral surgery services. Pickett Family Dental looks forward to providing you with effective and lasting dental care for you and your family!