Perfection in Dental Structure and Functionality

Restorative Dentistry is widely known as the precursor to Cosmetic Dentistry, because it’s purpose is to correct the structure and functionality of the teeth and mouth. However, that’s where Restorative Dentistry ends as it’s focus is on practicality.

Our goal is to offer not only quality functional teeth, but to go above and beyond in creating the perfect smile that you can feel comfortable to wear in public.

If your teeth are damaged or missing, our team at Pickett Family Dental is ready to provide reliable restorative dentistry services to help you chew, speak, and increase self-esteem.

If you chip or lose a tooth, the team at Pickett Family Dental is here to repair and replace your damaged and missing teeth by:

  • Reducing and ending oral pain and discomfort
  • Replacing one, multiple, or even all teeth in as short as a single visit
  • Improving the structure and strength of damaged and decaying teeth
  • Cleaning and healing gum tissue and overall oral health
  • Bringing back the beauty in your smile

Call 817-431-5514 to make an appointment with a trusted and long-standing dentist of the American Dental Association, Dr. Pickett today. We guarantee the best restorative dental service at your next visit at our Keller, TX office!

Correct and Strengthen Your Smile With Advanced Restorative Dentistry

Dr. Pickett and the Pickett Family Dental team offer a multitude of restorative dentistry options to improve your smile. We’ll begin with an in-depth evaluation of your teeth, gums, and jaw in order to determine the best method of repairing your smile. Once we have the results of your evaluation, Dr. Pickett will provide one of the following restorative options for your teeth:

  • Dental implants made of titanium for strong, lasting replacement teeth that also match the rest of your teeth creating a natural healthy appearance
  • Same-day dental crowns using the innovative CEREC machine to repair and protect your currently damaged teeth in a single visit
  • Dental bridges that anchor the missing tooth to one or two surrounding teeth to complete your smile while adding support to the false tooth
  • Tooth-colored fillings to protect the teeth from treated cavities while preserving a natural smile without the metallic inner core, creating a more natural, beautiful smile
  • Root canals to clean and disinfect the tooth in order to remove the painful toothaches and protect the tooth from further decay
Restorative Dentistry Keller

While Dr. Pickettis an expert at preventing pain during treatment, we also offer trusted sedation options to further guarantee your comfort.

Call our Keller Dentist office at 817-431-5514 to schedule an appointment or to ask Dr. Pickett any questions about the restorative dentistry process. You can also use our simple online form to do the same. We look forward to hearing from you!