Same-Day Dental Crowns & Bridges

At Pickett Family Dental, we offer same-day dental crowns using advanced CEREC digital dentistry technology that scans your tooth to create 3-D models and replacement crowns and bridges all in a single visit. Find out how you can save time by coming to see Dr. Pickett in Keller, TX for natural-looking crowns.

Your new dental crowns will completely cover your tooth and will:

  • Attach and bond to perfectly to dental implants
  • Hold broken teeth together
  • Hold fixed dental bridges in place
  • Replace tooth structure lost to decay
  • Protect teeth after a root canal procedure

Get Same-Day Crowns and Bridges with CEREC’s Advanced Digital Technology

The benefits to CEREC same-day crowns doesn’t end with how fast they can be put in place. CEREC restorations will:

  • Match the natural look and appearance of the rest of your teeth
  • Fit and feel comfortably in your mouth allowing you to eat, chew, and speak normally
  • Allow you to avoid temporary replacement crowns
  • Save you time and of course money

The same crowns can also be used to create dental bridges to replace missing teeth between two healthy teeth.

Go Above and Beyond With CEREC Inlays and Onlays

These two forms of filling are used to repair and stop tooth decay when your tooth is too weak for a regular filling to work. Once the tooth decay is completely removed and healthy, your dental crowns or bridges can be treated in our comfortable dentist chairs.

Receiving Your Same-Day Crowns And Bridges With CEREC

CEREC technology is used to create highly durable dental crowns in one day. These restorations will:

  • Perfectly match the appearance and shade of your other teeth
  • Save time and money since you won’t have to deal with temporary replacements
  • Fit comfortably in your mouth

After taking hassle-free digital images of your mouth, Dr. Pickett will use our CEREC milling machine to create your beautiful new crown while you wait. Your crown will be made of either porcelain or highly durable zirconia, which can better match the shade of your existing teeth.

CEREC same-day crowns can also be used to provide you with dental bridges to replace missing teeth. You’ll have a fully functioning smile again after just one visit!

Further Assisting Your Smile With CEREC Inlays and Onlays

Inlays and onlays can also be created quickly to protect your teeth with durable fillings. If your tooth is too weak to handle a regular filling but you aren’t a good candidate for a dental crown, our doctors will recommend an inlay or onlay.

After ensuring your tooth is healthy and free of decay, a customized inlay or onlay will be placed on your tooth and appear perfectly natural! This is a very simple procedure, and you’ll be completely comfortable while your smile is being treated.

Ensuring Your Comfort While We Provide Your New Smile

If you’re nervous to visit our Keller, TX office, you can rest assured that you’ll have an excellent, pain-free experience at Pickett Family Dental.

Approximately 75 percent of Americans deal with dental anxiety, and our team wants to make sure you never feel any stress before or during your appointments with us.

In addition to a comfortable, relaxed environment, our Keller, TX dentists offer two forms of safe sedation options to provide you with peace of mind.

These include:

  • Nitrous oxide, also known as “laughing gas,” that you can comfortably inhale during your treatment, then return back to normal sensation without any drowsiness.
  • Oral conscious sedation, for a deeper sedation that still leaves you conscious and able to respond, although with drowsiness for an extended period of time. If you choose this option, you will need to arrange transportation after your treatment.

In addition to these comforting sedation options, we have redesigned our Keller, TX dental office to create a more soothing atmosphere in our lobby where you can feel relaxed.

Call our dentist office at 817-431-5514 or send us a quick message through our online form to schedule your appointment with Dr. Pickett.