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Betty P. on her dental emergency and why she loves coming to this practice

"I had a old root canal. It broke, or cracked at the gum and abscessed on me before I realized what was going on. So, I was in quite a little bit of pain during that time. But they saw me just very quickly. I had to wait over a weekend, but that was my fault ’cause I wouldn’t call the office. But, he just took care of me. That was my beginning. After that I’ve had a few other little problems. But anyway, he’s just been … I just know I’m going to be taken care of in a first class manner. I trust his work. It’s been excellent. He has helped me with [...]

Carol R. on having an emergency before a trip and how Doctor Pickett was able to help her

"I was going to Virginia, to Richmond, to visit my friends out there, and at that point I had a denture on the top, and I’ve had it for years, and it broke. And I was panicking because I was leaving the next day or two days later and I didn’t know what to do. My daughter and son-in-law come to this practice and they said, "Let me see if I can get you in there," and Dr. Pickett took me immediately and he basically … Wasn’t totally fixed, but it was fixed enough for me to do my trip, and I said, "That’s it. I love this guy. He’s great." I did have a [...]

Cindi C. on using crowns to give her a beautiful smile and why she enjoys working with Doctor Pickett

"I had a crown from a root canal, in a problem years ago, maybe 30 years ago. And I broke off the crown, and I broke off the piece that held it on. So, when I came in, they looked at me and said, "Okay, this is a huge problem. You need a bridge." And once they said that, then I said, "Well, let’s go ahead and fix the whole smile," because I had been waiting to fix my smile. My front teeth had been wearing down, and getting smaller, and smaller. So, my wish list included beautiful front teeth for a pretty smile. And that’s what I got. I had a crown from a [...]

David N. on having a decaying tooth fixed and how it improved his confidence

"Dr. Oser was able to improve my smile and overall health, because I did have a decaying tooth, and it was starting to affect my health. If you leave a decaying tooth untreated for a while, it starts to affect your overall health as well. I’m thankful for him to be able to help me with that procedure, because without it I wouldn’t have been able to afford for it to get removed. I was having a lot of dissatisfaction with my smile, because I haven’t had whitening or a treatment in a while. The tooth was affecting me, because I had to eat on one side of my mouth to avoid pain on the [...]

David N. on how Doctor Oser was able to help him and why he loves coming to the practice

"I got connected with Dr. Oser with a friend from work. A non profit organization that helps with disabled veterans. They were looking for a disabled veteran that needed dental assistance. I was a veteran that needed that. Dr. Oser picked me. From there on out, you know, I was able to come in and, you know, get certain procedures done at no cost. I’m very grateful for that. Everyone is so friendly. Everyone loves me. Everyone loves my dog. It’s just an environment to where you feel welcome. You know, you don’t feel really nervous, or uncomfortable, even though it’s a dentist’s office, you just feel like you’re at home, I guess, and with [...]

Gwendol B. on having Doctor Oser replace some crowns

"He did that panoramic thing and it appeared that underneath some of the caps I was developing some cavities. You think a cap is going to take of everything, but it doesn’t. It doesn’t. He removed a lot of caps cheaply to begin with. And he put new things on for me and he’s able to make the materials while I’m sitting in the chair. It’s not a matter of going home for a week or so with this temporary thing that’s always flip flopping off and you gotta save it and gotta be sure to not bite through it while you’re eating a Milky Dud. It’s just smoother, quicker, easier. I really like Osher. [...]

Ernie M. on why he likes coming to visit Doctor Oser

"I think that Dr. Oser and his team are awesome. One, they're well informed. Two, when you come in and you have particular unique issues to you, they’re very attentive and listening to what your issues are. They provide you their expertise on what they think the resolution to your problem is, and they provide options for you to think about on how you want to proceed. They list what they think the pros and cons are per option. So, great in terms of just customer care. Wonderful in terms of listing out the options and what those things could be. And, also, I’ve just never met a better doctor than Dr. Oser, who actually [...]

Ernie M. on his implant procedure and how simple it was

"So I had a bridge that basically failed and I reached a point where I either had to replace the bridge or I had to do something else. And so, we talked about doing an implant. The scariest thing for me with the implant was, the whole concept of having a piece of metal or some other object infused inside of your jaw bone. That sounded to me gruesome, painful, extremely uncomfortable, longevity on concerning issues and problems, which is farthest from the truth. So, my experience with this was, and any kind of dental work that I get gone, I usually get some sedation. And so, in that particular time, where I got sedated, [...]

Donna S. on her implant supported dentures allowing her to eat the food she loves

"I was a school teacher for 25 years, and I began to notice that when I smiled, you have to smile at kids, you know, that it was just all crooked and nasty. My teeth were brown and they really were not very pretty, which I wasn’t really a fan of pretty. I was just a fan of being useful and being able to use my teeth and a quality of life. Even my mother, when she was really sick, I went and had Dr. Oser do a lot of overlays and things to make the old teeth look better. And she would say, "Look at my daughter. She has pretty teeth." I would have [...]

David W. on being able to eat his favorite foods after getting implant supported dentures

"I had a top denture but the bottom was messed up. I had three front teeth, I thought he would pull them he said no. We’re going to save them and make posts out of them and it’s going to help hold your bottom denture because that’s the hardest one to hold in. But it was a major undertaking and he didn’t spare no expense, he just did it up right. Everybody’s complimented me and on my teeth it’s just such a great job, and I tell them the dentist that done it. But it’s just been life changing for me, I’ve been eating stuff that I’ve had to avoid. This has been a tremendous [...]

Lindsay S. on her son’s tongue tie surgery and why she likes bringing her whole family

"I originally came to this practice to help my infant child, at the time, with his tongue and lip tie. Dr. Oser was who took care of him and made me feel as a new mom completely comfortable with handing off my infant child to a total stranger, but not only was he able to take care of him and set aside those worries, Grayson is doing great today. I couldn’t ask for anything more. I also have a 10 year old and from that perspective, he is completely taking care of in the sense of feeling like he’s in a kid’s dental office. The pediatric room looks like a kid’s room and they have [...]

Josephine R. on having a new bridge created after her tooth abscessed

"Dr. Pickett is wonderful. As I said, I fired my old dentist, which I had been going to for many years. I always had gum problems and so on since I was a child. It was swollen. I’ve had gum surgery several times, so on and so forth. I did have a bridge on that side, and the tooth under the bridge was abscessed. They said, "Oh, the bridge has to come down …" My old dentist said, "The bridge has to come down. We have to take the tooth out. Then, we have to do bone marrow stuff." I don’t know what he was talking about. I said, "Oh, I don’t think so." My [...]

Jason E. on his overall excellent hygiene

"Before coming in here, I didn’t have much dental issues or problems, which I can attribute to Dr. Oser and his team just simply because I’ve been coming here for so long. I think they’ve done a great job in identifying any weak areas and strengthening that with whatever they prescribe in terms of more visits or, trying new water flossers or, getting electric toothbrushes. I mean, they’ve done a great job in keeping up in that aspect for me. So I really don’t have to think about it, I just kind of do what they say and that keeps it … Keeps my mouth clean and healthy. Yeah, so Dr. Oser and his team [...]

Jacob D. on coming to the dentist after a few years away and his tooth extraction

"Before I started coming here I hadn’t been to the dentist in a few years so it was good to get back in the routine and really have a good knowledgeable place to come to that would take good care of me and explain what I wasn’t doing right and what I was doing right and what I needed to do to improve my dental health. I did have a tooth that I had some issues with. Had a pretty good size cavity on and I really just need a cleaning ’cause I haven’t a cleaning a few years before that. But since I started here, which was probably about three years ago, maybe, then [...]

Jackie W. on bringing her whole family and Pickett Family Dental’s flexibility

"We like coming to Dr. Osser’s office. Like I was saying, he mostly … he gets all of my kids in at the same time. He’s very flexible with them and works to try to accommodate our schedules as best he can. He is a natural dentist also so they don’t make us use fluoride or things that we don’t necessarily want to use. They don’t push that onto us. They’re very accommodating for what we want to use and not want to use. They give my kids all fluoride-free toothpastes and their little baggies that they take home. He can help us like ideas for you know remedies after treatment like I had to [...]

Teresa M. on using sedation to help her with her anxiety

"I do have anxiety about coming to the dentist, and he’s reassured me every time that I come in. And I do take two little pills. But before that, he comes in and talks to me, and calms me down. And his staff, they talk to me, and we’ll talk about all kinds of different things to calm me down. They give me a couple of pills, and I sit here for about 45 minutes. And then I get good and relaxed. They give me a blanket. They turn on music for me. And I just get real relaxed and he’s checking on me every few minutes to see that I’m calmed down. It releases [...]