“I had a old root canal. It broke, or cracked at the gum and abscessed on me before I realized what was going on. So, I was in quite a little bit of pain during that time. But they saw me just very quickly. I had to wait over a weekend, but that was my fault ’cause I wouldn’t call the office. But, he just took care of me. That was my beginning. After that I’ve had a few other little problems.

But anyway, he’s just been … I just know I’m going to be taken care of in a first class manner. I trust his work. It’s been excellent.

He has helped me with a bridge that I wear. I do smile confidently. I never think about that, I laugh a lot. This is, he’s just given me confidence in the smile. As I said, I don’t even think about the smiling part.

Well, I like coming to this practice, this office, to Dr. Oser and his staff because of the confidence I have in them. For their service, because I’ve never had a need that they have not met and met it quickly. I enjoy the way that I’m treated. From they hygienist, to the doctor, to the staff. They have taken care of me and treated me like family, or royalty.”

Betty P.