“I do have anxiety about coming to the dentist, and he’s reassured me every time that I come in. And I do take two little pills. But before that, he comes in and talks to me, and calms me down. And his staff, they talk to me, and we’ll talk about all kinds of different things to calm me down.

They give me a couple of pills, and I sit here for about 45 minutes. And then I get good and relaxed. They give me a blanket. They turn on music for me. And I just get real relaxed and he’s checking on me every few minutes to see that I’m calmed down. It releases anxiety. It helps. It helps. I do not mind coming in, getting my procedures done.

Otherwise, that I might not do, you know. Other places I’ve been to, they don’t seem to care if I’m calm down before they jump into it. I’d start stressing about it, about a month before my appointment. And I would be scared, because I didn’t have a really good experience growing up with other dentist. So, when I started coming here, a lot of my fears were calmed. So, it was a lot better, and that’s why I stayed with him so long.

And I couldn’t imagine going any other place. That’s basically what I have to say about it. I just feel comfortable enough for them to do what they have to do, and I trust them.”

Teresa M.