“Before coming in here, I didn’t have much dental issues or problems, which I can attribute to Dr. Oser and his team just simply because I’ve been coming here for so long. I think they’ve done a great job in identifying any weak areas and strengthening that with whatever they prescribe in terms of more visits or, trying new water flossers or, getting electric toothbrushes.

I mean, they’ve done a great job in keeping up in that aspect for me. So I really don’t have to think about it, I just kind of do what they say and that keeps it … Keeps my mouth clean and healthy.

Yeah, so Dr. Oser and his team do a great job on keeping in contact with you I think is the first step in getting … Making sure that you’re organized and you’ve scheduled your appointment.

They do multiple checks, which I enjoy but, once you come in they always review your teeth with you, and they go over any concerns they have, which is informative. And, I think clients like to be informed especially, with everything at our fingertips now. And, information is everywhere, they really hone in and they can show you through your X-rays and through using mirrors or whatever inside of your mouth. And it’s nice to have that information so you know that your dental hygiene is up to date and, looking good or needs improvement.”

Jason E.