“Before I started coming here I hadn’t been to the dentist in a few years so it was good to get back in the routine and really have a good knowledgeable place to come to that would take good care of me and explain what I wasn’t doing right and what I was doing right and what I needed to do to improve my dental health.

I did have a tooth that I had some issues with. Had a pretty good size cavity on and I really just need a cleaning ’cause I haven’t a cleaning a few years before that.

But since I started here, which was probably about three years ago, maybe, then I’ve been doing my regular checkups and everything and it’s all been positive.

I had a crown and root canal done but the, it was, the decay was so extensive that the root canal failed and so the tooth was just bad and had to extracted. The procedure Dr. Pickett did and it was, I was a little nervous coming in ’cause I’d never had an extraction done, but he took good care of me and didn’t take very long at all and there was not pain and he walked me through the whole process and everything was great.

Just the overall atmosphere and just the positive attitudes from everyone and especially the doctors, just being so nice and so helpful and really, a lot of people are scared to go to the dentist, myself included until I came here. That’s what I would point out, just making the patients super comfortable and explaining what’s going on and what the process is going to be and really caring about their patients and trying to do the right treatment.”

Jacob D.