“I had a top denture but the bottom was messed up. I had three front teeth, I thought he would pull them he said no. We’re going to save them and make posts out of them and it’s going to help hold your bottom denture because that’s the hardest one to hold in. But it was a major undertaking and he didn’t spare no expense, he just did it up right. Everybody’s complimented me and on my teeth it’s just such a great job, and I tell them the dentist that done it. But it’s just been life changing for me, I’ve been eating stuff that I’ve had to avoid. This has been a tremendous help.

Just to eat stuff that you weren’t, that you couldn’t do it before, you know. It’s been a life changing thing for me. I can eat a rare or a medium rare steak with no problem. It’s just been a whole lot better. And I’m sure it aids in your digestion too because you’re chewing up your food better, so this has just been great for me. No complaints.

If I get to know somebody for a while, they’ll say darn you’ve got good teeth. I tell them where I got it done too. It was just a great experience.”

David W.