“We like coming to Dr. Osser’s office. Like I was saying, he mostly … he gets all of my kids in at the same time. He’s very flexible with them and works to try to accommodate our schedules as best he can.

He is a natural dentist also so they don’t make us use fluoride or things that we don’t necessarily want to use. They don’t push that onto us. They’re very accommodating for what we want to use and not want to use.

They give my kids all fluoride-free toothpastes and their little baggies that they take home. He can help us like ideas for you know remedies after treatment like I had to have a crown done and he told me to gargle with coconut oil and warm salt water for pain and for cleaning it.

He never really gives us any sort of prescription medication or anything like that that we wouldn’t necessarily need. So they’ve told me I can use like essential oils and cloves for pain so things like that that we really like. Those are things that we agree with that I have learned about and read about before coming in.

Everybody in the practice is super accommodating, very helpful. The front office is very nice and helpful. We really like Dr. Osser. I feel like he’s conservative in his treatments and so he’s not trying to do a lot of invasive procedures. He always tries to do the least that he can to help with my kid’s teeth and things like that. So that’s really important to us.

He cares about the aesthetics of what things look like so he never suggests like metal fillings and things like that for us, nothing that’s going to not look good.”

Jackie W.