“Dr. Pickett is wonderful. As I said, I fired my old dentist, which I had been going to for many years. I always had gum problems and so on since I was a child. It was swollen. I’ve had gum surgery several times, so on and so forth. I did have a bridge on that side, and the tooth under the bridge was abscessed. They said, “Oh, the bridge has to come down …” My old dentist said, “The bridge has to come down. We have to take the tooth out. Then, we have to do bone marrow stuff.” I don’t know what he was talking about. I said, “Oh, I don’t think so.” My neighbor recommended Dr. Picket who she had been going to him for a while.

I said, “Well, yeah, I think I want to try a new dentist because I’m not really crazy about my dentist.” I came here and had a consultation and he said, “Yeah, the tooth is really, really bad.” He took out the abscessed tooth.

Now, I had another abscessed tooth on the bottom, which I went to an oral surgeon for and he almost killed me. He didn’t anesthetize it enough and he started to pull it. I went, “Oh my God.” I didn’t feel a thing with this one. I haven’t had any pain, anything.

He wants the work to be perfect. The first bridge that came, that he put in, he said, “I don’t like it. This is going. I don’t like this bridge. This is going back and then we’re going to get you another one,” which I think was wonderful. I mean, he could have put that bridge in and I could have said, “Well, I don’t know. I don’t know the difference,” but he said, “No, it doesn’t fit right. I’m going to get you another one,” which he did. This one fits just like my own teeth. It’s just wonderful. I think it looks good. He did a great job. His personality is very calming, which I’m not crazy about going to dentist’s office. I don’t think anybody is. Nobody says, “I want to go to a dentist’s office today.” I can’t say enough about him. I just really like him and I think he’s just a really good dentist.”

Josephine R.