“So I had a bridge that basically failed and I reached a point where I either had to replace the bridge or I had to do something else. And so, we talked about doing an implant.

The scariest thing for me with the implant was, the whole concept of having a piece of metal or some other object infused inside of your jaw bone. That sounded to me gruesome, painful, extremely uncomfortable, longevity on concerning issues and problems, which is farthest from the truth.

So, my experience with this was, and any kind of dental work that I get gone, I usually get some sedation. And so, in that particular time, where I got sedated, the appointment lasted for about an hour and he had two implants that he had done on the side of to my bottom, here, to replace molars.

The pain and discomfort was nothing different than if you had a tooth pulled or you had a root canal done and you were sore for a couple of days. I had absolutely no pain, no discomfort on the jawline. There was nothing I felt. It was only at the gumline and it was simply just sensitivity to what I had described as a tooth being pulled or some kind of root canal being worked on. And that was it.

I’ve had now, you have to go through a period of three or four months where you have to let the implant kind of get itself grown into your jaw bone a little bit. So, I haven’t gone through and gotten the final stage where I’m going to get the crowns put on, but absolutely no issue whatsoever. I mean, it was a piece of cake to go through. I really searched the internet, and you really look at YouTube sessions, there’s nothing out there that kind of really describes that process.

I went to another session, a service that wanted to put all of my bottom teeth to replace it with some kind of a funky appliance, and I thought that was way too drastic. I thought that was way too extreme, and again, I just went for the simple routine and it turned out to be a very simple process.”

Ernie M.