“I was a school teacher for 25 years, and I began to notice that when I smiled, you have to smile at kids, you know, that it was just all crooked and nasty. My teeth were brown and they really were not very pretty, which I wasn’t really a fan of pretty. I was just a fan of being useful and being able to use my teeth and a quality of life.

Then later on, they just began to deteriorate more. He just said, “How about implants?” I was pretty impressed by them because they worked like real teeth. Just like I said, I would be tired sometimes and I’d go to bed. I’d be half asleep, I’d think, “Take your teeth out.” It was like, “Oh, okay.” They just felt like my own teeth. I liked that part where you’re not conscious of teeth flapping up and down in your mouth. I just knew if I had them on the top, I wanted them on the bottom, so I just did it. I did it. I thought it was a good idea. I feel like I can smile. Several family pictures and things that you have made with your kids, you want to smile. That’s me. I love to laugh and smile. To be able to shut my mouth, I can’t. I’ve got to open. And I have a nice smile. I do have something I like to show off. I look natural. My teeth on the bottom, I can’t believe they’re not real.”

Donna S.