4 signs that tell you have tooth infection

Have you been noticing your gums are swollen and filled with pus? This may be a tooth infection or a tooth abscess. Tooth infection is when bacterias form inside the tooth or gum. This could be because the infection has spread, and there’s more pressure on the gums and bones.

Your teeth are packed with nerves. Once the infection reaches inside your teeth, it can cause an excruciating pain. Most often the reason for tooth infection is either due to a cracked tooth, a deep cavity, or gum disease. Infections, or abscesses, are not something you should try to manage alone. They can spread to other areas of your body, causing a range of problems.

tooth infection

Most often the reason for tooth infection is either due to a cracked tooth, a deep cavity, or gum disease.

It is important to know the signs to prevent you from having permanent and serious damage early on:

  1. Older Root Canal – When you’ve had a previous root canal session, your dentist has removed a nerve from your affected tooth. Having a previous operation on that tooth can sometimes allow the possibility for bacteria to enter and eventually lead to an infection your body will struggle to fight. One of the most common causes is older root canals.
  2. Swollen Gums – If you experience pain in your gums and in your jaw, the infection might have already spread out of the root tip. The swelling may look like a pimple. The sharp and throbbing pain may kick in so hard that pain medications will not be sufficient.
  3. Pain And Sensitivity Around Your Mouth – You may find that hot and cold foods / drinks touching the infected tooth causes sudden pain or that movement triggers sensitivity. Opening your mouth for example can seem difficult as well. With tooth infections, pain can radiate not only in your mouth, but through your jawbone, ear, and into your neck. You may also feel tender or swollen lymph nodes on your neck area from your body attempting to fight the infection. This means that the nerves on the side of of your face of the infection have spread and triggered other parts of your upper body.
  4. A General Feeling Of Unwellness – Though small your tooth can be, its nerves drive through different parts of the body near it that can make you feel paralyzed with pain. Some develop a fever because of the severe pain on the tooth infection. Trying to do home remedies might also bring more harm than good and may cause more risk. By going to the dentist on its early signs of pain may save the tooth early on and may prevent heavy charges and surgeries.

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, schedule a dentist appointment immediately.

Dr. Pickett will do a full examination of your teeth to determine the best possible action to treat the tooth infection. We will first have to clean out the tooth first before repairing it.

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