As we push on into 2022, we wanted to work on putting together a list of things that you may or may not have thought to ask at your first dentist appointment or your regular visit to our Keller, TX dentist office.

These questions are ones that we’ve heard the most over the years and feel may help you feel more comfortable and prepared. Being prepared and avoiding any kind of dental anxiety is important in making your experience at our dentist office effective and stress free. Here’s what we’ve come up with, and yes, it’s a long list so we broke it down into expandable sections to address your specific question easier.

10 Questions You Should Ask The Dentist

This is a great question, because it’s open-ended and allows our Keller dentist to give you their professional opinion on your specific situation. For one person, simply using a better whitening or plaque-busting toothpaste could be what they need. For another, cosmetic dentistry or dental implants could be the right choice. Whatever it is you need, you can trust that at Pickett Family Dental, we’ll give you our honest recommendation on what to do to improve your smile.

At-home dental care is and should be your primary defense against cavities and tooth decay as well as a myriad of other oral diseases that attack weakened patients. To make sure that your oral hygiene is top notch we’ve put together some recommendations for you to follow:

Most people only need a dental cleaning twice a year, but some need cleanings and exams more frequently. Find out if you need to have a dental cleaning and exam soon by learning more on Dental Cleaning and Exams. In fact, if it’s been awhile, you might need a dental deep cleaning too.

There’s been a lot of good, bad, and misinformation about teeth whitening on TV, the internet, and from person-to-person conversations. Because of this, we wanted to give you the best information on whitening your teeth.

Most people are unaware of how common oral cancer and other diseases are and live their lives on a daily basis unawares of the potential harm they are doing to their bodies as a whole by avoiding the dentist. If you’re not sure of your current oral health state, please learn more about oral cancer and other oral diseases after scheduling your dentist appointment with Pickett Family Dental.

While your smile may look great and teeth feel strong and healthy, that doesn’t necessarily mean everything is perfect in your mouth. Plaque, tartar, and cavities can happen before you realize it. It’s usually best to get a dental treatment just in case.

Financial fears during this time can be heavy, but going to the dentist isn’t that difficult financially.

Have insurance?

Call us to find out the cost of your teeth cleaning!

Don’t have insurance?

We have membership plans you can look at under our new patient information that show prices as low as $229 /year for TWO dental cleanings. Take a look and see for yourslef.

At Pickett Family Dental, we pride ourselves on staying up to date on the most advanced dental techniques and solutions as well as having the best equipment to support providing you the best dental service in Texas.

Many of us grind our teeth at night due to suffering from bruxism (involuntary teeth grinding). You may not even know that it’s happening, but we can look for the signs and provide the most comfortable treatment for you.

Our diets have a major impact on our oral health. Find out if your diet is properly aligned with good dental hygiene.