Although brushing, flossing, and using mouthwash are a big deal to maintain your teeth’s condition, healthy eating will always top the list to keep your teeth strong. The secret to it might just be hiding in your fridge.

It’s not particularly wrong to eat our favorite snacks, but frequent eating of junk food may leave the sides and corners of our teeth that will soon develop cavities. For the sweet tooths, we encourage you to eat your candies in moderation. These superfoods are highly recommended for a shinier, brighter, and stronger set of teeth.

Superfoods That Boost Your Dental Health

The Best Foods for Dental Health

Salmon is a great source of phosphorus

Your favorite Salmon contains a handful of “Sunshine Vitamin” or Vitamin D. This enables your body to absorb and use calcium throughout your body especially your tooth and gums.

Salmon is also an abundant source of Phosphorus. This is one of the main minerals in tooth enamel which is the hardest and most mineralized substance within the human body. Phosphorus plays a crucial role in your tooth by serving as a barrier that protects the softer dentin and pulp on the inside of the tooth.

Lastly, Salmon is an excellent source of Omega-3 Fatty Acids. They protect the teeth from gum diseases and infections or most commonly known as gingivitis. If you just had a dental surgery, omega 3s helps reduce inflammation and aids in the healing process.

Carrots fight cavities

Carrots are crunchy and full of fiber. This can be eaten in a variety of ways — as a soup, snack, or a side dish. Carrots are high in Vitamin A, Vitamin B6, Biotin, and Fiber, and are also low in fat.

Munching on carrots helps massage your gums. Eating raw carrots has tons of benefits. Its texture acts as a natural toothbrush, removing the plaque build-up in your teeth. It also increases saliva production in your mouth which reduces the risk of cavities.

Carrots have been hailed a cavity fighting vegetable, as munching on sticks of crunchy, raw carrot acts as a natural toothbrush. The chewing action massages your gums, and this bright vegetable is high in plaque-attacking keratin as well as Vitamin A, which is crucial for strengthening delicate tooth enamel. All-in-all it’s a good choice for an in-between-meal snack.

Carrots, which are ideal for snacking, soups, and roasting, are fortunately high in vitamin A, vitamin B6, biotin, and fiber, while also being low in fat. And since they have a harder texture, they’re great for teeth.

Switch up your snack from bread to salads with slices of carrots which are yummy and very low in sugar!

Dairy products such as milk and cheese repair and build enamel

Dairy food is the best source for calcium, making your bones strong! Cheese and Milk are one of the best dairy foods you can enjoy eating while your teeth are being fully nourished. They contain casein protein which repairs and builds up enamel.

Cheese contains high levels of phosphate and calcium which strengthens your teeth and helps balance your mouth’s pH level. Consuming cheese almo means having more cleansing saliva and fewer cavities.

Milk is very rich in calcium. Calcium is one of the major structures that forms the enamel which hardens and protects the whole tooth.

Leafy Greens naturally clean teeth

Kale, Lettuce, or Spinach are just one of the leafy greens you can eat to boost your oral health. Chewing these can naturally clean your teeth and can generate more saliva.

These fibrous leafy greens are also packed in vitamins, minerals, and calcium! They also have folic acid which helps your gums especially for pregnant women.

Strawberries whiten your teeth with malic acid

Snacking on these strawberries makes a fun way for you to whiten your teeth. These yummy strawberries are loaded with malic acid which is a natural enamel whitener. You can make a homemade teeth whitening treatment to it by adding baking soda and spreading it on your teeth in 5 minutes.

Eat the Best Foods for Your Dental Health

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