If you have a dental emergency and you’re trying to figure out whether you should go to the dentist or to the ER for a dental emergency, then we need to look at each case individually.

For example, if your only injury is to your tooth, gums, or jaw from being hit by a baseball or simply from damage or decay then you should come to our dental office in Keller, TX.

However, if the damage to your mouth also includes other life-threatening emergencies or physical injuries you should go to the hospital first. If you want to ensure that you get the best dental care, contact your Keller TX Dentist – Pickett Family Dental – so that you can have Dr. Pickett ensure that you get the proper oral care during the time being.

Should you go to the ER for a Dental Emergency

Whether you were hit in the face and your tooth is loose or falling out, or you have sudden or progressive tooth pain you can’t stand, dental emergencies can occur at any time. If you want to know what to do about your dental emergency, use the following recommendations.

Ask yourself: “Is this life threatening?”

Life threatening injuries should receive life saving treatment. That means that you should go directly to the hospital if you’ve been the victim of a violent incident or your life is in jeopardy from your injuries. It also means that if you have injuries outside the scope of a dental office, then you need go to the ER first.

When to See a Dentist

If, however, your injuries are all oral-related and you’re not in danger of dying, then it’s most likely best to contact Dr. Pickett at our dental office for an emergency visit.

While the pain of a decayed or abscessed tooth may be serious, unless it’s affecting your ability to breathe or swallow, it probably doesn’t rise to the level of an emergency. Make an appointment to see your dentist in Keller, TX as soon as possible.

Not Even Dentists Are Available 100% of the Time

If Dr. Pickett isn’t available and you’re having an emergency, please go ahead and schedule for the next available opening if your issue isn’t considered life-threatening. If you call our office, and we don’t answer, we will at least get back to you quickly to provide you more detailed alternative care options if needed.

We try to provide all of our patients with after-hours emergency care or an on-call substitute recommendation. In cases where Dr. Pickett is not able to see you after hours but you still require treatment from a medical professional, go to the nearest healthcare facility in your area.