When a smile requires more involved treatment, oral surgery is typically a last resort for many dentists. It’s intimidating for most patients, and it often requires time-consuming at-home maintenance during the healing process.

Dr. Pickett always provides the most beneficial services for your oral health, but he also seeks new ways to help you feel your best after any procedure. That’s why he uses his expertise in laser dentistry treatment at Pickett Family Dental to care for your smile as quickly and comfortably as possible.

Please check out the info below then call 817-431-5514 to schedule a consultation at our Keller, TX dentist office. Dr. Pickett will determine if quick and convenient laser treatment can help your smile as it has for so many of our other patients.

Helping You Feel Better And Heal Faster With Laser Treatment

Dental procedures involving cutting with traditional dental tools can cause unnecessary pain and bleeding. Apart from physical side effects, there’s usually a prolonged healing period and multiple trips to the store for medications.

Using a LightScalpel CO2 laser, Dr. Pickett is able to treat your smile while

  • minimizing bleeding,
  • ensuring less swelling or discomfort after your procedure,
  • reducing the possibility of infection as you heal, and
  • providing more accurate results depending on your smile’s needs.

The CO2 laser uses a beam of light that actually vaporizes tissue while sealing blood vessels. This state-of-the-art technology allows you and your family to receive the swiftest and comfortable treatment.

Repairing And Preventing Your Gum Issues

Infected gum tissue can lead to many more issues than bad breath, puffiness, redness, bleeding, or discomfort. If you’re suffering from any of those symptoms, you’re likely dealing with gum disease and should contact Dr. Pickett immediately. Ignoring gum disease could cause you to lose healthy teeth, undergo expensive restorative procedures, and even impact your overall health.

Dr. Pickett uses laser gum treatment to rid your smile of any infected gum tissue. You’ll soon be able to eat more comfortably, smile with more confidence, and enjoy a stronger, healthier smile quickly.

Providing Tongue Tie Treatments

Dr. Pickett also uses CO2 laser treatment to correct tongue tie issues. Tongue tie is a condition known as “ankyloglossia.” It commonly occurs in infants and is caused by the immobility of the tongue due to the flap of skin under the tongue, called the “frenum.”

Sometimes, the frenum anchors the tongue to the bottom of the mouth. This makes it very difficult for babies to breastfeed, as they cannot latch properly to their mother’s breast. It is also a very frustrating and exhausting condition for parents to deal with.

If tongue-tie is not addressed in the early stages, it can result in difficulty speaking and other oral issues later in life.

Dr. Pickett will determine if your child requires tongue tie treatment through a brief and painless examination. If tongue-tie treatment is necessary, he’ll first apply a numbing gel to your infant’s mouth to prevent any oral discomfort. The CO2 laser will free your baby’s tongue so breastfeeding will benefit both of you once the procedure is finished, which takes only about 10 minutes.

Tongue tie wasn’t always so easy to diagnose, and many adults still deal with the issues it causes today. Dr. Pickett helps with the same level of comfort and care for patients of all ages who remain affected by tongue tie. We can also calm your nerves while receiving treatment if you suffer from dental anxiety.

Ensuring Your Comfort While Receiving Care

Pickett Family Dental is where you’ll always be treated kindly and made to feel welcome. We do understand that dental anxiety is a big problem for some patients, no matter how much we help them feel at home.

Call 817-431-5514 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Pickett. You can also use our online form to make your appointment and ask any questions before your visit. We’re ready to provide a fast and comfortable solution for any smile in your family!