lockheed martin dental insurance

New Lockheed Martin Employee’s

There’s been a large influx of Lockheed Martin employee’s into the Keller / Fort Worth area with the new projects and growth happening there. We want to extend a warm welcome and help Lockheed Martin’s employee’s with dental insurance or not to the area by opening our dental office doors to you.

If you need a dental cleaning, have sore gums, a chipped tooth, or even if you need dental implants we guarantee the absolute best care with the friendliest staff in Keller, TX! We look forward to welcoming you to the DFW area!

Current Lockheed Martin Employee’s

Many of us get into habits of seeing the same dentist our entire lives or until they retire. As a dentist we love and appreciate our lifelong customers. If you’re a Lockheed Martin employee looking for a new dentist, or you’ve heard about us, please stop on by. We take great care of all our patients!

An Open Door To All

There’s many companies in this area that are growing in this area. Whether or not you have dental insurance, or if we can accept it, there are many ways to make your oral care affordable. We have membership programs that include discounts and set affordable dentist prices on regular twice-yearly dental cleanings. Get the best care for your teeth without breaking the bank at Pickett Family Dental!