What exactly does a dental hygienist do?

Dental hygienists mainly focus on preventative dental healthcare, particularly in the removing of plaque and the preventing and treating of gum disease. Dental Hygienists like Joanie here at Pickett Family Dental are the professional teeth cleaning experts that you see at each regular tooth cleaning.

Dental hygienists remove plaque and when necessary, tartar, then polish your teeth to help prevent plaque from building up again. However, their main goal is to help you understand the best way to keep your teeth clean during the next 6 months until your next dental appointment. Plaque is the sticky coating that builds up over time without the proper care, and since no one wants to visit the dentist weekly she and the other hygienists at our Keller TX Dentist office can also advise on diet changes that also help prevent tooth decay.

Can a dental hygienist do anything else?

Dental hygienists also take dental x-rays. We have two methods of taking dental x-rays, the large machine most people remember and a hand x-ray scanner.  Dr. Pickett will look at these x-rays to accurately diagnose problems with your teeth, if any, and determine which treatment is necessary.

The dental hygienists at Pickett Family Dental can also apply fissure sealants, fluoride varnishes, and administer fluoride treatments. Our hygienists can also perform teeth whitening under a prescription given by Dr. Pickett.

How often do you need to see a dental hygienist?

Generally, if you take proper care of your oral health and have a healthy mouth, it’s okay to visit the dentist twice yearly for regular teeth cleanings. However, some people may need to schedule appointments closer depending on certain situations, such as during pregnancy (to look for gum disease) or if you have genetics that leave you more susceptible to gum disease, plaque, and tartar buildup.

Most dental insurances cover two cleanings per year per person. If this is not the case for you, or you don’t have dental insurance, don’t worry! At Pickett Family Dental, we have membership plans starting at just $229 per year that include two teeth cleanings twice yearly.

Schedule a Dental Cleaning with one of our Dental Hygienists

Our dental hygienists are highly experienced and extremely friendly! In fact, I stand by the statement that our staff is made up of the most amiable people I’ve ever met. If you’re looking for a relaxing experience for you and your family at your next visit to a Keller TX Dentist, then Pickett Family Dental is a great choice. However, if you’re looking for a cold, dull experience at the dentist, we can still change your mind! Schedule your next appointment by calling us at (817) 431-5514.