Tongue Tie Laser Surgery

Our trusted dentists at Keller Family Dental want to help you care for the needs of your family, especially in a time of need with tongue tie laser surgery.

Tongue tie is a common condition where the tissue (frenum) under the tongue of the baby is connected from the floor of the mouth to the bottom of the tongue. It is usually first noticed when an infant has difficulty latching during breastfeeding, making it difficult for the baby to feed. This can affect the health of the child and the mother and may need cut to:

  • Help the baby feed and receive necessary nutrients from breastfeeding
  • Decrease stress of both mother and child, improving living conditions, allowing for both to rest and the baby is better able to eat and relax after properly latching onto the mother
  • Prevent speech difficulties in the future, including allowing for frontal motions of the tongue needed in rolling R’s in Spanish

Tongue ties can continue to affect adults in the future if the condition is not diagnosed and taken care of at an early age. If you realize this might be an issue for you, we will check to see if this an issue, and if necessary remove the tongue tie as well.

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Dr. Pickett is a well-educated and expert trained dentist who maintain current membership with The American Dental Association, and can quickly determine whether your child is encumbered by a tongue tie as well as whether or not treatment will solve the tongue tie.

If a tongue tie treatment is necessary, then we will apply a numbing gel so that the baby feels no pain or discomfort. We also know how important it is that your child remain safe from infection, so we maintain extreme cleanliness throughout our entire office.

The entire procedure lasts only about 10 minutes using our LightScalpel CO2 laser designed specifically for soft tissue surgery to remove your baby’s tongue tie. This procedure is completely safe and doesn’t require general anesthesia. You can feel comforted that our LightScalpel CO2 laser minimizes bleeding, swelling, pain, and reduces the healing time dramatically.

Dr. Pickett will happily provide you any other information and counsel on whether your child needs tongue tie laser surgery.

Taking Care of You

Adults can find out later in life that they also have a tongue tie or “ankyloglossia”, also known as tongue tie. If you want the tongue tie severed and improve your speech and even some breathing conditions, then we can quickly provide this simple procedure. Although the procedure is quick, we do have sedation options that most people tend to accept in order to prevent pain and discomfort during the treatment.

Call Dr. Pickett at 817-431-5514 with any questions about our tongue tie removal service or to schedule an appointment. You can also contact us using our quick and easy online form. We look forward to assisting you and your family with this simple, yet delicate procedure.