Sometimes, dental care isn’t just a means to making your smile look great. Good dentistry can actually completely change your life.

A single missing tooth can affect the way you feel, both mentally and physically. Missing teeth can dramatically impact your diet and head-to-toe health. You need a smile full of functioning teeth to truly be at your best – both in the present and in the future.

Dr. Pickett provides dental implants at Pickett Family Dental for these very reasons, and as an alternative to dentures. Dentures may provide you with an attractive smile, but they can also lead to unnecessary dental anxiety. Dentures can slip out of place, which is almost as embarrassing as dealing with missing teeth to begin with.

Your dental implants will afford you a strong, dependable bite, and natural-looking grin that you can be proud to share again.

Let’s look at how our dental implants can best help your smile, and how comfortable it can be to receive them. After checking out today’s blog, call 817-431-5514 to make an appointment at our relaxed Keller, TX dentist office.

The Importance Of Replacing Missing Teeth

Replacing missing teeth with dental implants results in extraordinary benefits for your smile, such as increasing your jawbone’s health and the integrity of your existing teeth.

If you’re missing just one tooth, you’re also likely missing out on eating foods that taste good and are good for you. Even if you’re attempting to chew harder foods, you may not be chewing them enough to be properly digested. Missing teeth also cause food to become stuck in your mouth, leading to major issues such as gum disease.

You may have lost a tooth due to a recent injury but fear going to the dentist to receive treatment. If you have a loose or knocked-out tooth because of an accident, it’s incredibly important to visit Dr. Pickett right away.

Dr. Pickett provides dental implants for adults only, but he is also here to help with children and teens who have lost a tooth. By comfortably receiving treatment from Dr. Pickett at a young age, your son or daughter will be less likely to shy away from receiving dental care in the future if another tooth is lost or needs to be replaced.

Creating The Perfect Dental Implants For Your Smile

Dental implants aren’t just replacement teeth – they’re actually replacement tooth roots that are placed in your jaw. These titanium replacement roots fuse to your jawbone over a short amount of time and are then used to firmly hold brand-new teeth to provide you with a full, strong smile.

At our Keller, TX dentist office, you have many tooth replacement options. Dr. Pickett won’t recommend implants if you’re not a good candidate, and he will help you achieve your improved smile with other treatments. If you are able to receive implants, he may provide:

  • Dentures that are retained or supported by dental implants, which are sure to never slip out of place and allow you to confidently smile and chew any foods.
  • All-on-4® implants, which provide you with a new arch of non-removable lower or upper teeth using only four dental implants.

Your replacement teeth will be designed to perfectly match any of your existing teeth, or created to match a shade you prefer if you’re receiving all new teeth.

Your Quick And Comfortable Dental Implant Process

Dr. Pickett uses only the most patient-friendly technology in our office, which includes 3D cone beam imaging and digital X-rays to first ensure your jaw is in the best condition to receive implants. This is much safer than having traditional X-rays taken of your mouth, and it allows Dr. Pickett to determine the best placement for your implants.

If you need to have any teeth extracted, Dr. Pickett will gently remove them and may even be able to place your dental implants during one visit. An expert in sedation dentistry, Dr. Pickett will ensure you feel absolutely no discomfort and remain fully relaxed during your treatment. Your mouth will be numbed before any treatment, but if you’ve experienced issues with numbing in the past, let Dr. Pickett know during your initial consultation.

Dr. Pickett will recommend either nitrous oxide (“laughing gas”) to calm your nerves quickly while you remain awake, or oral conscious sedation, which is stronger yet will also allow you to stay awake enough to communicate with our staff.

Nitrous oxide is an odorless gas that is inhaled and sets you at ease but also allows you to go about your day after your treatment. Oral conscious sedation is taken in pill form and makes you drowsier, so you will need a friend or family member to drive you to and from our office.

Call 817431-5514 to make an appointment or ask any questions so Pickett Family Dental can provide peace of mind even before your first visit. We can also be reached through our online form.