Multiple Missing Teeth

If you have multiple missing teeth, it can feel quite daunting to face the dentist. At Pickett Family Dental we’ve seen plenty of patients that suffer from dental anxiety and some are even just uncomfortable with the way their teeth look after years without dental cleanings, exams, and regular dental care. With multiple missing teeth however, there are repercussions to not being seen by a trusted dentist. The bony structures within the face can undergo quite a few changes, causing slight disfigurements and sagging faces.

If you have missing teeth and you want to feel like yourself again, then Dr. Tyson Pickett, DDS FAGD is the expert to trust in cosmetic dentistry in Keller, TX.

missing teeth

If you’re living in Keller, TX and have missing teeth, some of the best treatment options may include:

  • Single tooth implant and crown
  • Implant supported bridge

What is the Best Way to Replace a Missing Tooth

The best way to replace missing teeth depends upon the number of teeth being replaced. For replacing a single tooth on the front or back, the best option is an implant crown. If there are anywhere from three to twelve missing teeth, then an implant supported bridge would be the best in order to anchor the dental bridge using implants that attach to the jaw on either side of the missing tooth / teeth.

Single Tooth Implant and Crown

A single tooth implant with a crown attached is simply an implant that attaches to the bone of the jaw and acts as a new root for the crown that will then replace the missing tooth. The crown acts as a cap on top of the tooth to appear to look as if it was your original tooth. We even match the new crown to the surrounding teeth. Usually there is plenty of jaw bone available to attach the implant, but in rare cases there may need to bone augmentation and grafting performed to properly place and secure the new implant. Keep in mind, the surrounding gums and tissue around the tooth must also be in good health in order to perform the surgery.

Implant Supported Bridge

In order to support the strength needed in chewing when missing multiple teeth, an implant supported bridge allows Dr. Tyson Pickett, DDS FAGD, your Keller, TX dentist to anchor a dental bridge to the missing bone via implants. The implant bridges improve support by attaching them to healthy, adjacent teeth. These implant supported bridges are far superior to a simple tooth replacement because of the comfortable, natural look they provide while preventing deterioration. The amazing thing about dental implants is that they look, feel, and act like the patients natural teeth. If you need dental implants, then know that with your biting restored to it’s natural ability, you will be able to eat all your favorite foods and snack once again.