Hi Pickett Family Dental patients!

We want to let you know that we miss seeing your smiling faces and hope that you’re stay healthy and safe practicing social distancing.

We’re looking forward to seeing your smiling faces as soon as we’re able to reopen.

We’re hard at work during the coronavirus!

There’s a lot that goes into being the best dentist in Keller, TX. As you most likely read last year, our office was flooded and we rebuilt and repair the damage as well as completely upgraded our dental office equipment to make your visits more comfortable, your diagnosis’ more accurate, and our dental cleanings and surgeries more accurate, smooth, and effective. So, while we can’t see you right now in early April of 2020, we hope that we’re able to serve you again in the coming weeks.

In fact, we’re making plans and changes to improve your safety from catching the virus as well as other sicknesses during your visit by spreading out our appointments, reducing your wait time to as close to under a minute as we can. By reducing your chances of getting COVID-19 and other sicknesses we hope to better ease any anxiety you have about being in public. Oral healthcare and visiting the dentist is too important to put off long and we know it. Your health, safety, and comfort are our primary concern.

We’ll see you for you dental cleaning in Keller, TX soon!

We’ll keep you posted and updated on any changes, but it looks like you’ll be able to come back for a dental cleaning by April 21st. We hope to see you soon!