Pregnancy can have quite the effect on your teeth and oral hygiene, causing everything from tooth decay and gum loss to increased risk for miscarriage. Your oral hygiene during pregnancy is extremely important and our team at Pickett Family Dental is here to help. We’re here to offer assistance in ensuring that your dental hygiene and oral health are doing well and that you can rest assured that your smile is safe during this important stage of your life.

We want to make sure that you get the answers to all of your questions about your oral health during your pregnancy, so please schedule an appointment with us to have any of your questions answered during your initial consultation. We also have a list of the top questions we receive about what happens to your teeth during pregnancy:

How Does Being Pregnant Affect My Teeth

Pregnancy can lead to gum disease and tooth decay

Hormonal changes during pregnancy create a heightened risk of plaque on your gums. The plaque and the increased volume of blood during pregnancy then causes inflammation and swelling that can in turn lead to gums bleeding easier can lead to gum disease and tooth decay.

What is pregnancy gingivitis?

Pregnancy gingivitis is caused by the hormone progesterone. Progesterone can increase the response to plaque on your gums and increase inflammation.

Gum disease can affect a developing baby and increase the chance of miscarriage

During pregnancy, nearly two thirds of women experience periodontal disease, more commonly known as pregnancy gingivitis. Gingivitus is an inflammation of the gums caused by plaque buildup between gums and teeth. The bacteria that hardens into plaque can cause bone loss, receding gums, and eventually tooth decay and tooth loss.

Can I get a teeth cleaning while pregnant?

Yes, of course you can have a teeth cleaning while pregnant! Even if you needed something numbed, our numbing gels won’t affect the baby. If you’re needing a teeth cleaning, please schedule an appointment with us by calling us at (817) 431-5514.