Ever wondered how so many people in Keller, TX have beautiful teeth? We don’t want to take ALL the credit, but our dentist in Keller TX has been assisting many people in feeling comfortable with their smile by whitening their teeth.

But knowing how teeth are cleaned at the dentist is important as well. It’s much different that that at-home whitening strips and kits that are offered on TV or online. We’re going to cover the difference between the two and why it’s much better and safer for you and your teeth to visit our dental office for your smile, rather than rely on DIY teeth cleaning options.

how teeth are whitened at the dentist

At Pickett Family Dental, we use the KoR Whitening Gels for teeth whitening.

The reason we use the KoR Whitening gels because they provide the maximum whitening available to teeth without the sensitivity and discomfort that comes with bleach and other whitening methods. Our system has a specific desensitizer that uses the hydrodynamic mechanism theory of tooth sensitivity that’s caused by fluid within deninal tubules that activate the nerves at the edges of the pulp and causing pain. This desensitizer immediately plugs the tubules and prevents the tubules from moving freely, thus preventing pain from sensitivity.

How Teeth Whitening Works with KoR Teeth Whitening

The KoR whitening rapidly liberates oxygen, oxygen ions and radicals when placed in the mouth. Because of this, KoR Whitening gels are chemically unstable and are required to be constantly refrigerated until use. Once the gels begin to reach room temperature or warmer, the whitening gels will begin to degenerate and lose effectiveness.

That’s why they have to be specially delivered in refrigerated vehicles, stored in special refrigerators at our Keller, TX Dentist office, and then used immediately after being removed from storage so that they provide the maximum effect. By maintaining constant refrigeration, the degradation process causes a loss of only 1-3% before use.

Thanks to the KoR Whitening process, patients for the first time ever can use whitening gels at nearly 100% effectiveness as the day they were manufactured.

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