sedation dentistry

For too many people, visiting the dentist is a nightmare come true. The sights, the sounds, the smells … they can all contribute to severe levels of dental anxiety.

You are certainly not alone if you fear the dentist. An estimated 9 to 15 percent of Americans avoid dental care due to anxiety and fear. That’s approximately 30 to 40 million people!

This is largely due to fear of pain while being in a dentist’s chair. The other common issue is that patients who have been afraid to visit the dentist have developed certain “embarrassing” issues, such as staining or bad breath.

There’s also the factor of common courtesy. Some dentists and their staff can be rude with their comments, or harsh during treatments. This is completely unnecessary and has caused a massive amount of people to avoid visiting the dentist.

A single stressful or judgmental visit at any age can result in dental anxiety that negatively affects your smile for years to come. By avoiding the dentist, dental issues that could be quickly and painlessly addressed can turn into major problems that require expensive solutions and uncomfortable recovery time.

Pickett Family Dental ensures total comfort through compassion, competent and comprehensive dental care, and friendly staff trained to help you feel as comfortable as you do in your own home. Most people never need sedation options and feel so comfortable visiting our practice that we haven’t had anyone request it in more than a year. If you’re looking at sedation options and want a better option, Pickett Family Dental is the best dental office to visit in Keller, TX.

See how we can help provide the finest care for you and your family members, then call 817-431-5514 to schedule an appointment at our welcoming Keller, TX dentist office.

Ensuring Your Comfort With An Experienced Dental Team

Our dental office has provided family dentistry for over 40 years and has our kind, supportive staff backing him up. He has also continued his education throughout his career, including as a member of the Dental Organization for Conscious Sedation.

In addition to providing safe dental sedation, Pickett Family Dental helps you and your family members of all ages feel better about returning to our office. If you are experiencing any embarrassing dental issues, we will help solve the problems and never pass judgment on how they came to be.

Benefitting All Family Members With Nitrous Oxide

Nitrous oxide is commonly known as “laughing gas.” This form of sedation is inhaled through a comfortable nasal mask and helps you relax immediately. The odorless gas calms your nerves throughout your procedure, but it also provides other benefits.

Since nitrous oxide wears off quickly, you won’t need someone to drop you off or pick you up on the day of your appointment. You will also be able to continue with your day without feeling drowsy or disoriented once your treatment is complete.

Nitrous oxide is also an excellent solution for young patients. Due to its limited side effects, it’s actually preferred by dentists for relieving children’s dental anxiety. If your son or daughter is nervous to visit the dentist, nitrous oxide can help soothe them and ensure they enjoy their visit. This will help your kiddo feel more confident about receiving dental care, which will ultimately benefit their oral health in the future since they won’t fear or avoid the dentist.

Soothing You Further With Financial Assistance

Some patients avoid receiving the care they need due to financial stress. This is why Pickett Family Dental accepts multiple forms of payment, including:

  • Cash
  • Check
  • Credit card
  • Apple Pay
  • Samsung Pay
  • Insurance plans including MetLife, Delta Dental, and Aetna
  • CareCredit

Even if you don’t have insurance, we offer an exclusive membership plan to help you get top-notch dental care at an affordable price!

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