If you lose one or more teeth due to gum disease or tooth decay and choose the route of dentures after speaking with your Keller Texas Dentist, Dr. Tyson Pickett, DDS FAGD, then you can replace these teeth with partial or complete dentures.

Dentures are removable false teeth that appear natural. While we typically recommend dental implants for most patients, sometimes dentures may be a better option. If you’re still trying to decide then we recommend reading the differences between dentures and dental implants.

If, having chosen dentures, then you should understand the purpose of temporary dentures prior to receiving your permanent dentures.

What Are Temporary Dentures

What Are Immediate (or Temporary) Dentures?

The difference between immediate or temporary dentures is that we place the temporary dentures on the same day your teeth are extracted.

Temporary dentures aren’t custom-fitted like your permanent dentures will be, but they will function properly while your dentures are made. This does mean that they won’t always fit perfectly and they can slip at times.

We always provide temporary dentures in this situation to maintain a healthy structure of your mouth and jaw. Immediate dentures also provide protection to your gum tissue while your mouth heals from the tooth or teeth extraction.

What are the Pros and Cons of Temporary Dentures?

As your dentist, Dr. Tyson Pickett, DDS FAGD wants you to know all of the primary benefits and concerns that are due to immediate or temporary dentures. Here’s what to keep in mind when you receive temporary dentures:

Pros of Temporary Dentures

  • They immediately fill gaps in your mouth after a tooth extraction, or after a full-mouth extraction.
  • They protect your gums during the healing process, and help to minimize gum bleeding.
  • You receive immediate dentures on the same day as your extraction.

Cons of Temporary Dentures

  • They aren’t custom-fitted to your mouth, which isn’t as ideal as permanent dentures because they can slip and move at times.
  • You may need to have your immediate dentures periodically adjusted or relined for comfort. “Relined” means adding extra material to the denture to account for changes in your mouth due to healing.
  • You might experience soreness or irritation as your mouth adjusts to the dentures.
  • You’ll need to wear them for about 4 to 6 months, until your permanent dentures arrive.
  • They don’t always feel like natural teeth. Also, they’re not as sharp as permanent dentures. This makes chewing a little harder for some people.
  • You may experience jaw bone shrinkage after an extraction, so your dentist will have to periodically adjust or realign your immediate dentures for comfort.
  • You can’t try them on before a tooth extraction.