“I got connected with Dr. Oser with a friend from work. A non profit organization that helps with disabled veterans. They were looking for a disabled veteran that needed dental assistance. I was a veteran that needed that. Dr. Oser picked me. From there on out, you know, I was able to come in and, you know, get certain procedures done at no cost. I’m very grateful for that.

Everyone is so friendly. Everyone loves me. Everyone loves my dog. It’s just an environment to where you feel welcome.

You know, you don’t feel really nervous, or uncomfortable, even though it’s a dentist’s office, you just feel like you’re at home, I guess, and with friends.

Dr. Oser’s very welcoming. He’s very friendly. He knows, I guess, what he’s doing, because he explains everything really, really well in layman terms, you know, for me so that way I can, you know, understand it. And, when he’s by my side, he’s very, always, you know comforting, and welcoming, making sure that I’m okay.”

David N.