Lip Tie Surgery Specialist in Keller

Have you noticed that your child’s lip is attached to the gums above their top row of teeth? Or perhaps you’ve had that same issue your whole life and are thinking about having it removed. Either way, we’re going to help answer the most common lip tie questions we hear and offer some insight into the side effects of leaving a lip tie alone vs. having a lip tie removed.

To make a long story short, it’s best to have a lip tie removed, and even better if you can get it done earlier rather than later. There’s an age range where most dentists don’t even offer lip tie surgeries. This means you have to have it done as a baby or as an older child to adult.

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Does laser lip tie hurt?

Lip tie laser surgery is typically a simple, quick, and painless dental procedure that we typically recommend for babies under a year of age. The area may be a little sore after and it’s important to massage it regularly to prevent the lip tie from returning. However, you baby will be find to nurse within 30-45 minutes of the surgery.

How long does lip tie surgery take to heal?

Lip tie surgery normally takes less than two weeks to heal on the surface of the gums. However, the would itself can take up to three weeks depending upon the frenulum. The tissue continues to heal over the next few weeks but shouldn’t cause any irritation.

What happens after lip tie release?

Many babies may cry or whimper a little from the initial pain, because the area is fairly sensitive. Most babies will also have bleeding which will slow and then stop as the baby stops crying. If the baby cries excessively then the bleeding may last longer.

What happens if you don’t fix a lip tie?

None of us want to cause pain or discomfort to babies, and you maybe wondering if you should not fix the lip tie on your child. It’s a similar experience with giving children vaccines. We do it to prevent issues in the future even though

Can a lip tie affect breast and bottle feeding?

The upper lip tie forms from a tight maxillary or labial frenum and causes infants to have difficulty latching on a bottle or the breast, because it limits the upper lip’s movement. The upper lip tie can affect the baby’s ability to flange in several ways as it can feel uncomfortable and tight on with the frenulum.

Can a lip tie affect speech?

While some kids can make these sounds in isolation, stringing the sounds together during speech can be very difficult. … In some severe cases, if the lip tie is causing the child some discomfort with mouth opening (because of tension), they may alter their oral anatomy to minimize pain, which could impact speech.

Benefits of Lip Tie Laser Surgery

The benefits of lip tie laser surgery can improve your child’s health by assisting in breastfeeding, preventing dental problems, and on occasion speech patterns.

Lip ties often occur together with tongue ties and, due to their restriction of the tongue and/or lip, typically become evident when an infant experiences difficulty with breastfeeding. Laser lip tie release performed by Dr. Tyson Pickett, DDS FAGD at Pickett Family Dental can improve your baby’s efficiency in breastfeeding and allow for a less painful nursing experience for the mother.