We place our kids in sports and activities where there is always the possibility to be injured. Risk is a part of lives, but our children can be protected in many ways. For the same reason we have our kids use pads, athletic mouthguards, and have safety features built into their lives,we should make a priority of protecting our child’s mouth.

For example, if your child plays baseball, softball, football, or soccer, there’s always the chance of being hit and chipping, breaking, or losing a tooth. To prevent these types of injuries we have some recommendations to protect your child’s smile.

Your Child’s Smile Needs Protection

Did you know that more than 3 million teeth are lost each year in youth sports activities? The tooth fairy must be busy! At Pickett Family Dental, we understand how important it is to you to protect your child’s smile, so that it stays bright, white, straight, and beautiful for life. Our dedicated dental team wants to help you provide the best protection for your child’s smile.

All sports require specific gear and equipment. Whether your child simply needs a bathing suit and towel, good running shoes, or a full head-to-toe uniform, providing your child with the necessary equipment is essential. When getting your child’s gear together, please do not forget a mouth guard. Any type of sport that involves contact requires a mouth guard for your child’s protection. Flying balls, flying elbows, swinging bats and sticks, shooting pucks – all of these can cause irreversible damage to your child’s smile. Athletic mouthguards help to protect the teeth by cushioning them against any type of blow, and they also provide a soft surface for wearers to bite down on to relieve pressure. We can create custom fit mouthguards made just for your child.

Your child’s smile needs protection – plain and simple. Contact Pickett Family Dental to learn more. We are here to help your child maintain a healthy smile for life.